Run your business, we'll run your site!

Managed Web Site

We feel that everyone should be able to afford and maintain a internet presence in this modern day, therefore this is the option would be suited to someone that has no idea how to start. We would literally “hold-your-hand” for the duration of the process (from conception to final) and ensure that you are comfortable with your web presence to be. This will be a projection of what you (or your business) can offer and we would ensure that your website is searchable and relevant so that you can get those valuable referrals from the search engines.

This option offers you:

  • A DEDICATED consultant will be able to answer your questions and queries in real time – no more waiting for someone to get back to you.
  • A fully MANAGED solution – from creation to hosting – which means that you don't have to worry about those technical niggles (like Domain registration, backups etc.)
  • Free sub-domain {yourbusinessname} (or {yourbusinessname} for an additional R150.00 per year)
  • Choice of TEMPLATES – What type of image do you want to project to the online fraternity – you can choose from our assortment of templates which have been carefully created to ensure maximum impact and user friendliness. Should there not be one that catches your eye, we will gladly create something more personalise to suit your image and style.
  • 3 pages of CONTENT – the best would be to have an HOME page, then an ABOUT US page and a CONTACT US page, but this is totally customisable in order to suit your requirements.


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